Mission and Values

Our mission stated above is like a compass that gives us direction and tells us where we are going. The "we" in our mission statement is not just the staff and elders, but all of us are responsible to carry out the mission. None of us are spectators! We choose to give our best time, talent, and treasure each day to create this type of community. Let's create this together where we live, work, and play!

We have four values listed below that guide our behavior. Our values are the fire that burns in our hearts. They are the choices we will make in giving our best each day to trust and follow Jesus. They tell us why we are passionately sold out for this mission.

We live for life change…because we will never know God’s best if we stay the same. The Christian life is a life-long process of growth. We never arrive. Perfection is not attainable in this life. That is not intended to throttle someone back from growing as a disciple, but rather jet fuel to not settle for staying the same. This value says we choose each day to commit to our own life-change in Jesus.

We risk for relationships…because the richest life is lived in community. The richness of lives that are lived out intentionally in community to disciple others is the best life. This value says we choose to risk our time, energy, and emotions to build relationships with people. 
We train for impact…because true disciples are deployed to make disciples. In our increasingly post-Christian society the church must be less like a restaurant and more like a food truck depot. Restaurants scream come here and consume what we have. Food truck depots convey come here, get stocked up, and take the product (Jesus) out to where the people are. This value says we understand the church is more like the depot rather than the restaurant, less about getting what we want and more about stocking up so we can take Jesus back to our crowd of people.
We invest for eternity…because generosity today shapes eternity. Our generosity flows directly out of God’s generosity toward us. Jesus gave Himself for us, the most generous thing He could do! This value says we will choose to give the best of our time, talent, and treasure knowing they make all the difference in this life and have an eternal impact. We desire to live generous lives that change the trajectory of people’s eternal destiny.