Gift card program

The Gift Card Program is available to both students and adults for camps, mission trips, retreats, or other church activities/events! Have an impact by shopping and eating out. Buy cards from us to use as gifts OR use cards to pay for day to day expenses.

How does it work?

Simply purchase cards from our program at face value for stores you already shop or to give as gifts. There is no additional cost to you.

Merchants sell these cards to us at a discounted rate. We then pass on this discount to you in the form of a rebate for camp, mission trips, retreats, etc. You designate who you’d like to apply the rebate to at the time of purchasing the card. We keep track of rebate amounts until you are ready to redeem them toward camps, mission trips, retreats and other approved activities.

Don’t have a specific student to support? You can still support the students. Undesignated rebates are pooled and used for scholarships and to reduce costs. These camps often change students’ lives eternally and offer spiritual renewal and refocusing.

Buying/Ordering Info:
We usually have some cards in stock but there are hundreds of cards available for order. You will find a list of all cards available online at, click on “retailer list”.

If you would like to be able to order cards online, you will need to set-up an account with You will use your ShopWithScrip account to order the cards you want. We typically order cards two times per month.

Once you create an account with ShopWithScip you will be able to order both plastic and digital gift cards. You can order the cards online at or by downloading the RaiseRight app from your app store. A ShopWithScrip account will give you immediate access to digital gift cards.

You can pay online (see below for more information about paying online) or when you pick up your cards. You will receive an email before each order as a reminder. You can place your order online at anytime before we order. You will need to prepay for large orders. Sign up to receive email.

Frequently Asked Questions:
How do I get started? The first step is to create a account. There are several optional fields - you do not need to fill them in unless you are supporting someone not in your family. If you are sponsoring someone outside your family please put their name in the “Student Name” field. You will be asked for an enrollment code. Please email us for the code.

How do I pay online? 
You have two options:
1. Link your bank account (savings or checking). This payment options adds a $.15 transaction fee.
2. Pay with a credit card. This payment options adds a 2.6% transaction fee.
All instructions for setting up on line payment are on the website.

Do I have to wait for an order to buy cards?
If you have Presto Pay there are many cards that are available for immediate delivery, either by reloading an existing gift card, printing the card, or using My Scrip Wallet. See for lists of cards available for "Reload" or "Scrip Now" (printing.)

Do I have to pay when I order?
You do not need to pay when you order unless you are ordering a large amount of one type of card (i.e. $1,000 – Lowe’s). You will need to pick up your order and pay for your cards within two weeks.

What if I have an unexpected need to purchase a large amount of cards between orders?
If during the month you have an unexpected large expense come up that you would like to order cards for contact Vickie Johnson to make arrangements to place an additional order.

What gift cards will Stafford Crossing have in stock if I don’t pre-order? 
We will stock quantities of Giant, Kohl’s, WaWa and Walmart along with a small amount of cards for local restaurants and stores. We will base our inventory on what people are buying.

What if I haven’t purchased my cards before the next order?
If you have not purchased your cards no additional cards will be ordered for you.

Can I pay with a credit card? 
We can only accept cash or checks as payment for gift cards. When ordering online or through the app you can pay with credit card (there is a small fee)

Can adults use gift card credit or just students? 
Originally designed for students, we have now expand the Shopping Card program to adults as well. It is a great way to reduce costs for mission trips! Still have questions? Contact Vickie at 540-656-2040 or [email protected].

For a complete list of gift cards available for order go to: and click on "Retailer List"

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