Engage Groups

Engage Groups are an important part of our spiritual journey. They provide a rich environment for us to find a sense of belonging, encouragement and support in this chaotic world. In addition, Engage Groups are a great place for discovering God's truth and plan for our lives.

As you explore the list of available Engage Groups, you will notice there are several different types of groups.
  • Study group - These are the more typical small groups that will meet in someone's home for a time of study and prayer. These groups will also incorporate fun outings and serving opportunities throughout the year.
  • Mission group - These groups' primary activity is a serving initiative in the community. They will also incorporate Bible study and prayer and fun outings in different ways. 
  • Activity group - These groups form around a common activity (ex. running, hiking, knitting, etc.). The group will meet with some regularity to do the activity and will incorporate Bible study and prayer in different ways.
  • Affinity/demographic - All types of groups can also have an affinity or demographic element (ex. women/men, single, young moms, etc.). Be sure to check and make sure you fit any expressed target audience. 

For a list of groups with openings please click the Find an Engage Group button below. Use the menus at the top of the page to sort the groups by day, group type, location, or affinity/demographics.  The email leader function will allow you to contact group leaders for more information or to ask about joining the group. We also invite you to consider creating a new Engage Group that will create more opportunity for connection and spiritual impact. Click the button below to express your interest and share a little information with us. If you have troubles with the group list or questions about the Engage Groups, please contact Mark DeCourcey.