The goal of the Jared Box Project is to lift the spirits of children in the hospital. The boxes symbolize the importance of play and are filled with well wishes, hope, and love. Over 500,000 Jared Boxes have been delivered across the United States.

A Jared Box is a plastic 6-quart storage box filled with small gifts, toys, games, and fun activities. Each box contains items selected for a specific age and gender. The boxes are delivered to hospitals. Jared Boxes provide a special diversion for young patients in emergency rooms, patient rooms, surgical centers, and clinics as they receive chemotherapy and other medical treatments. Jared Boxes bring smiles and laughter and lift the spirits of children in the hospital.

•Visit the Jared Box website  to familiarize yourself and your small group with the program details.
•Contact Cherri Mills at Mary Washington Healthcare to determine the current needs.
•Discuss with your group how items will be collected and set a date to pack the boxes.
•Coordinate with Cherri Mills to arrange a delivery date.
•Let us know how it went. Send an email to [email protected] and share your story.