“I Said This, You Heard That” is a 6-session study that will change every conflict and conversation you have—for good.

If you've ever said the wrong thing or said the right thing the wrong way you know how quickly your big mouth can make a big mess. But it doesn't have to be that way.
This 6-session video study explores how your wiring affects what you say, how you listen, and how others hear you. After taking the 40-question assessment, you'll learn a simple framework that will instantly improve your communication. And you'll see how advice from the apostle Paul thousands of years ago may have held the secret all along.
Kathleen Edelman has one goal in life: to help people learn to speak kindly to one another. She is certified in Biblical Studies and has a master’s in Christian Counseling Psychology. Kathleen has spent more than 25 years coaching clients in the art of communication. She is married with two grown children and has a surprising passion for martial arts and pickup trucks.
The resources are available here. 
Let us know if you choose to do the study on your own so we can support you on your journey!