Our Journey Continues

Exciting things have been happening since the beginning of our Fueled by Faith journey in October 2017! Our new wing is in full use with Kids Crossing using their new space for the first time on June 3, 2018!  
Check out some of what has been happening here.

Many people have shared in our vision for this new ministry space knowing it will help people of all ages trust and follow Jesus. We can't wait to see what God is going to do throughout its years of use.
On November 19, 2017, 171 individuals and families, joined by 28 of our students, made a commitment to show sacrificial and faith-filled generosity by committing to give over $1.5 million during the next three years. As of July 2020 we have received just over $1,324,600 toward that goal. If you made a commitment and have not started regular giving, let me encourage you to start now. Giving generously and consistently will help you develop the habit of serving God faithfully with your resources. Let's continue to dream about what God has for us as we allow Him to use all areas of our life fueled by a faith in our great God!

If you have any questions or want to join those individuals who have made formal commitments, please contact Kathy Cosner ([email protected] or 540-656-2040)
Below you will find more information and Fueled by Faith.

Questions to Consider

There is no formula, no quick accounting, no percentage target for your commitment to Fueled by Faith. This will be a very personal journey for everyone involved. One person might make a million dollar gift without changing their lifestyle, while another will give $10 a week and have to radically adjust their spending. The focus is on equal sacrifice, not equal gifts. So how does anyone figure out what is right for them to do? Use these questions as you pray through your decision.

Do I have a heart to see others come to Christ? Am I willing to invest so my redefines and family have a greater opportunity to know God?

Is this a decision I am willing to take time to pray about, genuinely seeking God’s guidance in how He might work through me?

Is this a decision I will have significant conversations about, with my family and with my larger family of faith?

Am I thinking creatively about a comprehensive giving plan that represent what I am capable of giving? What assets and resources could I use as a gift?

Will this giving decision involved a sense of sacrifice in my life? Do my priorities reflect my commitment to God and to my church?

Am I discovering a new joy in giving as I embrace the vision? There is something freeing and deeper about the life of grace that we never experience until we learn to give as freely and deeply as God gives to us. 

What Part Can I Play?

Like every spiritual endeavor, prayer forms the foundation and determines the success.
-Pray for the children, students, and adults God is going to bring to Stafford Crossing. Pray for their personal relationship with God and ongoing transformation.
-Pray that our spiritual journey will create an environment that will effectively motivate each person to seek God’s will for their life.
-Pray that God will show us the true meaning of sacrifice and generosity.

Share Your Faith Journey
This involves sharing God’s grace with non-believers and sharing with other Christ followers what God is doing in your life as you pursue Him through “Fueled by Faith.”

Get Involved

Take advantage of the opportunities to get information, to pray, and to discover what God is doing through Stafford Crossing. Learn everything you can about our vision, values, and purpose. Research our ministries and get involved.

Determine to Give
God loves a cheerful giver and He loves to bless those who are generous. Use this spiritual journey as an opportunity to allow God to examine your financial priorities and to allow God to stretch you. Set aside some time to be still before God and determine where He wants to stretch your faith. Seek out creative opportunities to give, such as giving up eating out a couple of times a month, transferring ownership of assets, or delaying a major purchase.

Commitment Form:

What will happen when my life is "Fueled by Faith"? Your financial and spiritual commitment to "Fueled by Faith" will help you and others trust and follow Jesus. We are thankful for your partnership in the Gospel.