CentiKid Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the adults chaperoning my child?
The adult chaperones for this summer will be Kids Crossing director Lisa DeCourcey, along with other chaperones as determined by our camper count. Each chaperone is screened with a background check and is interviewed to verify he or she meets our standards of personal witness and theological beliefs. The ratio of adults to children will be 1:5 or less.

What Covid-19 guidelines are in place?
Click here to view CentriKid Camp's current guidelines. 

Are kids supervised at all times?
Yes, either by camp staff or Stafford Crossing leaders or both. (Note: see sleeping arrangements below. Children may be in a room without an adult while sleeping. Adults' rooms will be stationed in close vicinity.)

What are the living and sleeping arrangements?
We will be staying in lodge rooms on the Eagle Eyrie campus. There will be shared hall bathrooms. Adults may or may not be in the same bunk room as kids. If adults will not be in the same room with kids, they will be on the same hall in close vicinity to the kids. Kids will have access to us at all times.

Can I get in touch with my child?
Parents will receive the cell phone number of the head leader from Stafford Crossing. Kids will be allowed to phone home as needed. There is no central camp phone number. Communication will be with Stafford Crossing adult leader(s) via cell phone.

What if my child gets homesick?
We will do our best to talk your child through homesickness and allow him or her to talk to you and stay at camp. But if you decide it is best to pick up your child before camp is over, you may.

What do the kids do doing during the day?
They have high energy worship times in the morning and evening, organized activities during the day, a little free time, and church-led group Bible study times.

How do you handle medicines and medical issues?

On the registration form, parents will make us aware of medical issues that are important to care for your child. If your child needs medicine, adult leaders will store and administer medication with your permission.