Brisben Center serves 94,900 individual meals per year, in large part through the efforts and generosity of volunteers/donors. If you or your small group would like to sponsor, cook, and serve a meal, please check out their Meal Sponsorship page for more information.

The Brisben Center serves dinner everyday. Lunch and breakfast are served on select days. You can either prepare the meal onsite or prepare it elsewhere and drop it off for the staff to serve.

•Visit the Brisben Center website to familiarize yourself and your small group with the program details.
•Contact Joe Hargrove with questions and to set a date.
•Discuss with your group and secure a team of 5.
•Let us know how it went. Send an email to and share your story.

Helpful Ideas:
•Take pictures of your team (avoid client pictures) and post them to the Stafford Crossing Facebook page. #sc3missions.
•Include your kids (over 13).