It's going to be a SUPER Saturday!

Participants in the I Said This You Heard That Workshop are invited to bring their children (infants through 5th grade) to Super Saturday on February 25 for a day filled with fun, games, crafts, and more! You must pre-register your children in order to attend.
Drop Off and Pick Up 
Children may be dropped off in their classrooms at 8:15 a.m. You will check in at the Welcome Center and print name tags, along with a parent pick-up tag. Please save your tag, as you will need it to pick up your children at the conclusion of the Workshop.
  • Infants and toddlers (through age 2) will remain in their classrooms under the supervision of adult and student volunteers. They will play games, enjoy music time, and free play. We will also have a quiet room where your little one can nap if needed. 
  • Older preschoolers (ages 3+) and elementary children (through 5th grade) will be placed in groups of similar ages and will rotate through various craft and physical activity stations throughout the day.  
  • Infants will be fed only the food and drink provided by a parent. Please provide labeled bottles, cups, and containers with your child’s food for the day. 
  • Toddlers (walkers through age 2) will be provided with a light breakfast and a snack of cheerios and/or goldfish crackers. Please provide a labeled spill-proof cup with your child’s drink for the day. Refills will be water, unless you provide other labeled drinks. 
  • Older preschoolers (3+) and elementary ages (through grade 5) will be provided with a light breakfast and a snack. Please provide a labeled water bottle for your child to use and refill during our Super Saturday fun. 
  • As we make the food plans, we will update this page with additional details. If your child has specific snack or meal requirements, you may choose to provide your child’s food. Water will be the only drink served.  
Super Saturday will be staffed with adults and students who have been screened by Lisa DeCourcey, our Kids Crossing Director. Background checks will have been completed on all those workers who are ages 18+.
Please direct your questions regarding Super Saturday to Lisa DeCourcey ([email protected]).