Small Groups

Our hope is that each person at Stafford Crossing would be connected to a small group of people where they will find authentic, biblical community and spiritual growth.

We consider small groups to be an essential part of our spiritual journey. They provide the ideal environment for us to find a sense of belonging, encouragement and support in this chaotic world. In addition, small groups are a great place for discovering God's truth and plan for our lives. We were not designed to experience life alone - we need each other. We want to be a church family, not a crowd!

Beginning the week of January 12 all small groups will be participating in our "The Real God" study. We currently have over 25 ongoing groups, as well as 10 short-term groups. Below you will find a list of groups with openings. If you would like information about a specific group please contact the leader directly using the email leader feature. If you have questions about groups in general or would like assistance in choosing a group please contact Pastor Dave or Debi Schuster.