New to Kids Crossing

We're glad you're here! We are excited to be able to serve the children and families who come to Kids Crossing. Our desire is to partner with parents to help children trust and follow Jesus.

Safety and Security
The safety and security of your child is important to us. All Kids Crossing volunteers ages 15 and up are screened through an application process, as well as a criminal background check. When you arrive, you and your child will go to the Kids Crossing check-in area where you will be given tags with an identifying number on them. You will place the name tag on your child and keep the security tag with you. If we need you to return to your child’s classroom during the service, your child’s tag number will display on the screen in the worship center.

Saying Goodbye to Little Ones

After you have completed the check-in process, you will drop off your child in his or her classroom. It is normal for little ones to cry when leaving a parent. Our teachers will try to create interest in a toy or activity and give assurance that you will return after the worship service is completed. If your child cries for an extended period, we will page you using the number on your security tag.


Snacks are provided for the children from toddlers through preschool. The food items consist of water, Cheerios or Goldfish crackers. If your child has an allergy, please inform the teacher when you take your child to class.

Pick-Up Procedures

When you pick your child up after the service, please show your security tag to the teacher. Make sure that all your child's personal items have been returned to you.

Photo Policy

Participants in children's and students' activities at Stafford Crossing Community Church may be photographed or filmed as they participate in church activities. These images may be used on Stafford Crossing Community Church's website or in other modes of church communication. Your child's participation in Stafford Crossing activities constitutes permission to use images that are captured.


You may register your child at Stafford Crossing on your first visit or complete our online registration form in advance.
If you have any questions, please contact our Children's Ministry Director, Lisa DeCourcey