"Grow Like Jesus" Summer Challenge

Are you looking for something fun and productive for your children to do this summer? Are you already hearing, "I'm bored"? Then stop by Stafford Crossing Community Church and pick up the "Grow Like Jesus" challenge guide (you'll need 1 guide for each child who is participating).

We will leave the "Grow Like Jesus" challenge guides in a bin outside the front doors of the church through Tuesday, June 30, so you can come by when it's convenient for you and pick up a copy for each of your kids!

What is "Grow Like Jesus"?
"Grow Like Jesus" is a "choose your own adventure-type" summer challenge to help kids grow like Jesus grew (in wisdom, strength, and favor with God and people). The challenges help kids take responsibility for growth in key areas like mind, body, faith, and character through colorful worksheets, activities, posters, and fun trackers.  While geared for elementary ages, younger and older kids will be able to participate and enjoy the challenges.

If you have questions or need more information, please email Lisa DeCourcey ([email protected]).